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Our New Promo Video

7th January 2016

We’ve just released our new promo video! Check it out!

2015: A Great Year for The Macleod Ceilidh Band!

13th December 2015

It’s been a great year for The Macleod Ceilidh Band: weddings, functions, birthdays, charity & corporate events aplenty! To those who have got married – ¬†Congratulations to Mr & Mrs¬†Nicholson, Mr & Mrs Allan, Mr & Mrs Bateman, Mr & Mrs Wright, Mr & Mrs Spence, Mr & Mrs Love, Mr & Mrs Wong, Mr & Mrs Raymond, Mr & Mrs Shanks, Mr & Mrs Ballantyne, Mr & Mrs Stewart, Mr & Mrs McLeod, Mr & Mrs Montgomery, Mr & Mrs Waldron & Mr & Mrs Kelnar.

Thank you to those who came to our summer events in Lauriston Hall, to the wonderful charity PKAVS for asking us to play at your celebration event, happy birthday to Miss Baillie and Mr Anderson, and all the other events we played this year!

Here’s to 2016, where the bookings are coming in fast! Get in touch:

With Grateful Thanks,

The Macleod Ceilidh Band



Haggis Beats & Tatties

18th July 2015

Mull It Over

18th June 2015

Scotch? Snap!

25th May 2015

My Love is Like A Red Red Rose

12th April 2015

Well Plaid

9th March 2015

Eightsome Reel Good Food

11th February 2015

Kilty Pleasure

12th January 2015

Highland Bling

18th December 2014